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hemlocxl wrote:

This is seriously getting frustrating.  Never got Emote to work as a plug-in in Pro Tools with the Dante card(Had to route I/O to the standalone Emote just to get it to work).  And now my new Pro Tools expansion card s NOWHERE to be found.  Was led to believe it would show up as a normal HD I/O and it's plugged into my 2nd HDX card's primary port.  I don't get how other people are having zero issues, but nothing myself and Sweetwater support could do (After a 2 hour call) has gotten the Dante card to work properly and now I gotta start all over with this new Pro Tools card.  Is it possible that my H9000R is just a lemon??  Is Emote even supposed to function as a plug-in INSIDE Pro Tools?  Because it's never worked with the Dante Card and now it just crashes Pro Tools whenever I try to instantiate it after I installed the new PT Expansion card.  Where am I supposed to be seeing the I/O for this Pro Tools card?  It doesn't show up in Audio Midi Setup, Pro Tools I/O OR DADman.  




Thank you so much for your patience. Im sorry to hear that you are running into issues with your H9000, I would love to help get you back up and running. What version of Emote and H9000 Software are you running? to be fully compatible with the new PTHD Expansion, you need version 1.3. 

If you would like to get on the phone, I am available to help today. Email me at pflores@eventide.com so we can schedule a call.