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brock wrote:

I’m doing this by ear, so I haven’t actually put any of these theories to work yet.  But I want to say you can do much of the same thing in the DynaVerb algorithm.  Less ‘metallic’, but you can get close with fine-tweaking the SIZE & DECAY.  Don’t worry about the reverb fade-in here (that’s in the compression, below).  Just the reverb’s timbre, and that short-ish DECAY time.

The advantages include a lot more control of the overall ‘shape’ of the reverb.  The disadvantages include … a lot more control over the ‘shape’.  The interactive compression controls [ATTACK, RELEASE, THRESHOLD, SIDECHAIN, and, most especially, the unique RATIO from OmniPressor] requires a certain level of familiarity.  Lots of little back ‘n’ forth adjustments.

You can gain some choppy glitchiness with some CW SIDECHAIN levels.  You will lose the random modulation found in BlackHole.   That adds a nice, otherworldly touch.  But you can craft just about any envelope shape over the input that you can dream up; with or without the ‘verb component.


Hey, thank you! I’m just not getting back to trying this and was unable to get it even close using Dynaverb. That preset sounds like it would be perfect, and I would love to try it, but, I’m just not familiar enough with things to get it even in the same ballpark.

I got something which sounds kind of close using blackhole reverse reverb… but there is too much reverb and I can’t figure out how to take some of it out without messing up the whole effect.

Super frustrating! I think I’m close, but, not quite there yet.