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Here are more details,

“Particular mic that’s being utilized”

a Superlux  PRA-383D mic through a PS-418D belt pack


an Audio-Technica PRO 35 through an AT 8531 belt pack


These belt packs contain a FET as an impedance converter (emitter follower) and a transformer for balancing the signal.

I’ve measured their frequency responses some time ago and they were rather flat from 50Hz to 16kHz (with a little drop around 50Hz)

Both mics are used through an Audio-Technica CP8201 low to high z transformer which also serves a proper XLR to TS adapter


“What is your current setup going into the pedal?”

Mic -> belt pack -> impedence converter -> H9

“Is your signal is hot enough going into the H9?”


“Does the green light on your pedal ‘stay green’ all the time?”

Let’s say 95% of the times. Levels shown in the meters section of the H9 Control software are almost always between -10 to -5 dB (mostly close to -5dB)

Are you using a mic preamp you can adjust?

No, but signal levels are fine already, please see above

Also it’s mostly a clean signal, think of a nice, smooth sine wave : )


As a side note, I’m currently using the same setup with other H9 algorithms with wonderful results.

Thus this may not be a source issue. Actually I think the Shimmer algorithm is working as it’s supposed to be. For example the reverb part is rather nice. I’m getting fully satisfactory reverb levels and tones. It’s just the first pass levels of the pitch shifted audio signal is a little low (compared to what I expect) when I lower the pith decay knob value to avoid the second and third etc. passes.

In other words when I set the pitch, let’s say, +1200 cents, I want to hear the first higher octave as much as possible, but the second pass (or +2400) should be inaudible as much as possible.


I thought there might be a sweet spot for this within the settings that I’m missing.


Thanks again