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I know this is an old post, but I’ve just stumbled across it because I’ve had precisely this issue on both PitchFuzz and Harmadillo. And in my case, it does render both algo’s impossible to use in a live setting as each time I need to use any of those patches there’s such a noticeable lag that it means the guitar line ends up sounding sloppy, or even as if I’ve fluffed what I’m playing. Which isn’t something that helps keep the £££’s coming in …!

So I was wondering if either Eventide had plans to make these algo’s a bit more useable, and/or does anyone have any workaround suggestions …? (I do have two H9’s on my board, but the second is generally used just for delays, reverbs, etc so will often be on at the same time as I’m trying to use the PitchFuzz and Harmadillo algo’s).