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Tony Wong

Thanks macgee

macgee wrote:


it does take a while to figure out a workflow but go one step at a time

The simplest setup is Analog In/Out and doesn’t require the sample rates to match etc – just make sure you disconnect the USB

Use the Analog 2in 2out and use the Logic I/O plugin

Save yourself pain and match the Input numbers to output numbers and also go into Logic I/O Labels and label everything – this makes finding things in the I/O Plugin easier

The machine is powerful but with that comes complexity so you can configure it in many different ways – some FX are mono in or summed mono in and stereo out, etc..

Setup Emote – make sure that your ethernet is reliable and don’t skimp on adaptors; the frustration isn’t worth it

Then in your system prefs, network, make sure that ethernet is first in the list so that takes priority

I go as far as turning WIFI off.

If you get unreliability, then do the inverse, turn Ethernet off and run wifi, etc..

In Logic, the Emote plugin is purely a UI to control the H9000 and to automate parameters and it works reliably (in my experience)

It doesn’t pass audio.

For this reason, I run a single instance of Emote on the Stereo Bus(doesn’t affect sound) and do all my H9000 automation on that track…

Reason is cos if Emote does disconnect, you only need to open a single instance to reconnect and find all instances to do the same – depends on your workflow

Once you get that done, then add the next piece, either ADAT or USB (I use both and clock devices using ADAT as per Tyler) I run my system at 48k


If you go DAW, you have to create aggregate device in Audio Midi Utility

Combine your (1)Atlas and (2)H9000 – I didn’t have to have clock drift activated but not needed cos I have ADAT connected (seems ok)

Then in Logic, this is the audio device you select in prefs

Reliable method to clock USB H9000 & System (to get around sample rate mismatch) you must choose the H9000 USB Audio device in the Audio Midi window and change the sample rate of that Device (not the aggregate) device away from your DAWs sample rate, wait a moment and switch back – this doesn’t cause any change to logic (doesn’t initialise audio) or anything, just part of the process…


There’s many nuances in the system but just take it slow as you need to figure out a workflow for all aspects that suit your workflow


I turn my system on, do the sample rate toggle for the H9000 USB Audio device before I open logic and it’s all working well, emote too

It may take a while to realise what you can achieve but it’s worth it