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joecozzi wrote:
do you plan to include NKS support for other plugins from the bundle? that we be so great to have them integrated into Maschine workflow 🙂


I agree, full NKS would rock, but at the moment, we are working on other exciting things. No current plans for further NKS support.

That’s a pity. It would boost workflow to agreat deal. But as I received the Bundle for free, I cannot complain at the least.

What is the problém with NKS integration? It should not také much human resurces. Day per plugin at most, I guess. Is the main problem, that NI charges for using it? Or is it that when NI moves to VST3 NKS will not be needed anymore? So, you wait/do not wan’t to use resources on almost obsolete technology? Which would be understandable.

I ask so much, because I miss NKS in Eventide’s plugins. And if VST3 is not solution I would make plugins “homemade” NKS, at least. Or I would ask somone to do it. So, I do no want waste my resources or other’s ones, if VST3 is the solution….

I do love Eventide plugins, I have them all, or almost all. But missing NKS support breaks my workflow to a great extent. I understand that I probably belong to niche Eventide users, but I seek solution for my situaton anyway. 🙂