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Eventide Staff

You have two options.
Option #1: Since you are an H9 Max owner and you’ve already registered the new H9 Core to your account, you simply need to pair that Core to H9 Control and click on the ‘Pedal’ tab. Click on “Sync Algorithms on H9 with Server” and it will automatically download all the algorithms to your Core unit. Keep in mind that the H9 Core, although it has full access to all 52 algorithms on your account, still remains as an H9 Core in our system.

Option #2: Taking advantage of the Max Out program is not the same as syncing algorithms between H9’s on your account. The Max Out program is there to CONVERT your Core/Standard H9 into an H9 Max in our system permanently. If this is what you want to do, visit this link: https://www.eventideaudio.com/one-h9-rule-them-all

Click on “ Standard H9 / H9 Core: Get Your Discounted H9 Max Out Upgrade”. There you will find out the price you need to pay for this conversion. Right now, until December 31, 2020, you get a deep discount on this Max Out.

Those are your two options. My advice, since you’re already a Max owner, Option#1 makes the most sense. NOTE: As a Max owner you may download the H9 Series plug-in Bundle for free until December 31st.

Choose wisely.