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wvought wrote:


My H9000R is now updated and running, thanks to some timely help from Eventide, but I still need to test it in Cubase. I have the unit positioned in a closet at the back of the room (so I won’t hear the fan), and I decided that it needed some company, so I spent much of the day moving my computer there too. I need a couple of adapters (for longer cable runs) that won’t arrive for a few days, but then…no more computer noise in the room.

Can you give me a very ballpark estimate of what it would cost me to switch to Dante, or maybe what it cost you? I still don’t know for sure what the actual components are, or I would try to come up with an estimate myself.

Right now, besides the UFX, I have a Focusrite Scarlett Octopre, which interfaces with the UFX via ADAT to give me 4 additional stereo channels of analog I/O. I will soon receive a second Octopre (those things have been hard to get of late) which will also connect to the UFX via ADAT, so I’ll have an additional 4 stereo channels. With the UFX’s 4 stereo channels I’ll have 12 in all. 

My plan is to set up TotalMix to utilize the second Octopre as 4 stereo sends and returns for the H9K, one for each effects chain. So this leaves me 8 channels, meaning I can input up to 8 analog sound sources at one time. That’s more than I EVER use. And any of their channels in TotalMix could be sent to the H9K.

Or I could patch directly from a synth into the H9K to use it as an insert effect rather than a send effect. (It’s also possible to set up TotalMix to use external insert effects.) 

For audio already within Cubase (VST synths, samples), there’s a way in Cubase to configure sends to external effects, and there are videos explaining this on YouTube. I actually used this feature a while back, but will need a refresher course.

It’s actually mind-boggling. I started in 1980 with a 4-track reel-to-reel, which was state of the art for a home studio at that time. What a long strange trip it’s been.

Re the H9K and guitar, I assume that only a small subset of the choices available to me in the H9K will be suitable for a specific project or of interest to me in particular. Anyway, most of what I do is actually synth-based. (In 2015 I slipped on ice and fractured my left wrist in 2 places. I had to lay off guitar for a long time, and it’s been difficult coming back.) I typically send some MIDI to a synth, change it all around, and audition various patches until I find something I think I can work with. Then I add other parts, record/mix/master, and voila!

Thanks again for your input. 


Now I am a little confused.  Why do you need the second Octopre?  Why not use the second ADAT I/O of the UFX as a send / return via Totalmix with the H9000 and save yourself the additional AD/DA conversion steps?  That would still give you 12 stereo I/O (4 on UFX, 4 on Octopre, and 8 (4 stereo) on the H9000) plus the 4 stereo ADAT sends.