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Fender17 wrote:

joecozzi wrote:
do you plan to include NKS support for other plugins from the bundle? that we be so great to have them integrated into Maschine workflow 🙂

I agree, full NKS would rock, but at the moment, we are working on other exciting things. No current plans for further NKS support.

That's a pity. It would boost workflow to agreat deal. But as I received the Bundle for free, I cannot complain at the least.

What is the problém with NKS integration? It should not také much human resurces. Day per plugin at most, I guess. Is the main problem, that NI charges for using it? Or is it that when NI moves to VST3 NKS will not be needed anymore? So, you wait/do not wan't to use resources on almost obsolete technology? Which would be understandable.

I ask so much, because I miss NKS in Eventide's plugins. And if VST3 is not solution I would make plugins "homemade" NKS, at least. Or I would ask somone to do it. So, I do no want waste my resources or other's ones, if VST3 is the solution….

I do love Eventide plugins, I have them all, or almost all. But missing NKS support breaks my workflow to a great extent. I understand that I probably belong to niche Eventide users, but I seek solution for my situaton anyway. 🙂  


I'm 100% with you, NKS support for all of our H9 Plug-ins would be fantastic. I'm not a Maschine user myself, but when we added NKS support for Blackhole I found the workflow to be fantastic. It's a really slick system for the end user.

The main problem is, in fact, human resources, and not NI charging or VST3 making the technology obsolete – no worries there. The reality is that the plugins dev team is quite small (as in "you-can-count-us-on-one-hand" small), and unfortunately, NKS is on the backburner right now. It takes a while to prep all of the resources and get everything packaged up nicely, and we have some really exciting new things that we are deciding to prioritize over NKS support. That doesn't mean it won't ever happen (though of course I can't promise anything…), but it won't in the short term.

All that said, you could certainly add "homemade" NKS support if you wanted. I think I've actually seen this on a few forums for a few existing H9 Plug-ins.