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But, despite our best efforts, the H9 Max is now full and cannot accommodate any additional algorithms.

Well, that party ended sooner than anticipated.  So what now Eventide?  What will be the stomp box platform moving forward?  Or do you plan to just keep parting out the existing algorithms into their own stand-alone boxes like Blackhole?

It’s a shame the algorithms couldn’t have been separate so that not all of them had to be included with the total H9 firmware.  In this way, precious memory could have been saved for future algorithms.  For example, I already own the four Factor pedals and there are several algorithms on those that I will never use.  While I appreciate the unique algorithms to the H9, it would have been nice to know there’s room for more.  We never did get our dedicated Uni-Vibe.  Just kidding; Harmadillo gets me there.  wink

In any case, the H9 will live on albeit in its Maxed Out state.  C’est la vie, I guess.  Thank you, Eventide, for extending the deadline for the Max Out program.