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Send2george2 wrote:
So to get my freebie plugins onto my daw (abelton) I had to register and set up ilok, claim my plug ins, the 11 file names appeared on ilok, drag to my Mac (to authorise Mac) then had to log on to eventide support download the relevant plug in installer down load the plug ins and configure my abelton daw to see the files. Thanks all, it just wasn’t laid out in dummy fashion for me in the instructions. We are not all computer science grads but I got there in the end. Now to figure out how to get the best out of the plug ins…

FWIW, you can also invest in an ilok USB key and keep all (or some) of your licenses on there so they’re portable. I have a mix of keys and computer authorizations. I don’t need the portability but I have 3 ilok keys that date back before computer authorizations were allowed.