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mkravit wrote:

Very informative and interesting discussion…….

Right after release, I had an H9000 delivered to me. I tested it for about a week or two before having to send it back. My personal experience was that I absolutely loved the unit, loved the interface, loved the sounds and audio quality but was continually plagued by crashed, freezing and very long and unworkable re-boot times. All frustrated the piss out of me.

So now, its 18 months later and I am once again considering the H9000. Yet, it is hard to truly gauge the true issues as most people who are satisfied with their units will never or rarely show up on public forums.

If only life could be simpler and if only Eventide was a more expeditious and forthcoming with their H9000 native algos.



My H9000 never crashed. Not once. I did have a few emote connectivity issues but they’re resolved.