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macgee wrote:
KazRemark wrote:

When you say automation, parameter automation? 

I so far think it’s mostly ok but I wish the automation control was renamed to the name of the algo/parameter to make it easier to track

workflows I’ve identified as working through my project that might be useful

* use 1 interface per FX Chain, e.g. FXC1 = Analog, FXC2 = ADAT, FXC3 = DAW1-8, FXC4 = DAW9-16 (or whatever for your interfaces)

** Reason is that the different interfaces will have their own latency figures so you’re matching the latency for entire FX Chain

* load algos from the bottom of the FX Chain – row 4 is the highest latency so start there and working up to row one ensures that changing things around doesn’t change the latency (Eventide might change this at some point, it’s on their radar)

* Name FX Chains incl Interface, Primary Use, e.g. Vocal, Guitars, etc..

* Keep a notepad of which FX Chain and Column each instrument is sending to

* Name your Bus Returns.. e.g.

* * FXC1a = FX Chain 1 Column 1

* * FXC4d = FX Chain 4 Column 4



Yes, parameter automation. The part I’m struggling with is having the automation tied to whatever track t
Emote is on. I would have an easier time with the mental model if I could have the automation tied to the tracks and clips that the eventide chain is routed to.