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KazRemark wrote:

Re automation on track the eventide chain is routed to; isn’t that already possible?

By having an emote instance for each chain, or algo…you can do it that way

I found that a bit confusing though because i’m mostly doing this on busses – only had a single eventide sub chain used as an insert for a track

For this reason I just put a single instance on the master – in logic can keep master track at the bottom and all automation lane’s expanded and easier to navigate

But yea, if you’re doing INSERTs, then I can see the value of the automation on that particular track…though for my sanity, in case of Emote disconnects, I only want to have to open a single instance to confirm that Emote is connected and automation is being sent to the hardware

having to open instances all over the place…that did my head in

h9000 very strength is also it’s weakness….so flexible

re crashing, they’re very rare these days…mostly I was getting that when pushing Vsigs with but those bugs have been mostly ironed out now