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Eventide Staff
jakehockel wrote:
If I always have two plugs in the inputs, could I “trick” the right input into thinking it’s empty with a dummy plug, (shorted)? I’m looking to have the option of a mono or stereo input without pulling the unit out and unplugging an input patch cable.

Unfortunately not. It’s the mechanical connection of a plug that auto-configures the pedal for mono or stereo operation.

The suggestion that comes to mind is mono summing the outputs of the pedals when you want to run things in mono. For example, I wire my pedalboards in stereo, but I use Goodwood Audio Output modules to change the pedalboard from stereo to mono operation with the flick of switch. As it pertains to a patched up system, the only thing I know that may be able to mono sum stereo connections easily via MIDI, for example, is something like a Sound Sculpture Switchblade.