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joecozzi wrote:

The thing to keep in mind, is that the algorithm doesn’t take stock of where the expression pedal is until it is moved. The only way to get PITCHFLEX to give you the same pitch when you come back to it is creating a preset where the HEEL position is set to start at your original preset’s TOE pitch. But, as soon as you move the expression pedal, it reverses the direction of the pitch control (because you already started in the higher octave). If all you need is to hear the pitch where you originally left off, this works. But if you need to continue using the pedal after going back to PITCHFLEX this is not going to work, unless you can deal with it functioning in the opposite direction.

I don’t need the pitch to be where I left it, I just want the effect to start in the TOE position instead of the HEEL position. And I’m fine to create a new bank and new preset for it, I just want two options: starting the algorithm in octave down / HEEL and starting it in octave up / TOE. Doesn’t have to be the same MIDI signal or pedal or channel, just need the same algorithm with two different starting points, happy to trigger them separately.