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sdd17 wrote:

After hours of trying to get the h9000 to automate I stumbled on to this.

I can now automate my Emote/h9000 via my midi controller!


I thought I would document the procedure here in case anyone else is wanting to do this!


I hope this explanation is clear!


midi input to the h9000

Will enable you to control the emote

Via midi CC!


Open a midi track in your daw and assign the output to the 

Midi port going into the h9000 and assign the input to the controller that will adjust your functions.


Then set up quick controls on the midi track and assign cc controls to each one!

Those quick controls can be assigned to the function controls in the emote.


Once you assign a Cc to the quick control hit right click the function for mapping then hit the  learn button and twist the controller knob until the function 

Starts to communicate!


Then go to the algorithm you are working with and assign

Whatever you want controlled to that function! 


PS:check your daws midi setup and see if you need to checklist the H9000


That’s pretty much the deal.


Opens up a universe of possibilities with the h9000!

Eventide this really would make a good sticky!