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Additional info.  I tried editing the database JSON file to correct the error, but am having no luck.


Trying to download #4246 – “Reverb Suite”, I receive:

Device Download Error

Module type or field could not be identified.

    Module: multiknob

    Name: dsize

    Field: type


Looking in VSig.app/Contents/Resources/Assets/default-sigdb.json there is indeed no ‘dsize’ entry in toe ‘multiknob’ definition.  I used one of the other ‘dsize’ entries and added it, but I still receive the same message.



                 “type”: “ED_CONTROL”,

                 “name”: “dsize”,

                 “isMultiple”: false,

                 “description”: “size”,

                 “minimum”: “0”,

                 “maximum”: “1”,

                 “default”: “0.5” 



I’ve verified that VSig is loading my database file by zeroing it out and receiving an error (no modules).


Any suggestions on how to get past this error?