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tlongabaugh wrote:

One thing to check – when you save current snapshots, you need to then resave the preset before navigating to another preset. Otherwise the current snapshot settings will be blown away, and revert back to the previous current snapshot settings when the preset is reloaded. Is it possible that when you save current snapshots, you’re then navigating to other presets before resaving the preset?

OK, I can understand this – although I don’t find an explanation in the doc. And the answer is yes, this is absolutely what I’m doing: I wanted to store selected, existing presets in “current” snapshots so that I can automatize the changes, and possibly rework them while listening. If I understand correctly this is not feasible; I have to first note all the preset settings, reenter them manually and store them as snapshots, then save the whole thing as a new preset, right? And it also means that each preset includes its own current snapshots, apparently.

It changes the perspective a bit, and my working scheme is much heavier than I expected – or inadequate. May I suggest to make this clear in the doc? From the present version, I thought current snapshots were somehow related to each instance of the plugin, not to presets.