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Eventide Staff
J20056 wrote:

Thank you, I was able to do all that and it is good.

However, say I save an algo preset in Emote on my hard drive and also in the H9000R. Now my new preset is appended at the bottom of the preset list, and the circled number increases by one. All good, except there doesn’t seem to be a way to sort the presets alphabetically, unless I missed. You can sort either by ID or alphanumerically in the algo browser one level up but not here apparently. I was hoping to name all my presets starting with the underscore character so they would show on the top if I could sort them alphabetically.

It would be really convenient. Alternatively, there would be a subsection for factory presets and another for user presets, but otherwise, the lack of any sorting ability is slightly punitive.

Thanks for your suggestions. 


You are correct that there is currently no way to sort presets. We are in the process of adding a “favorites” filter option for Algorithms and presets that could be a possible solution for your sorting request.  We can’t promise when this will be available, but it is on our list of things to add to Emote and the H9000.