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Thanks for the quick reply. My setup is as follows:

– Windows 10

– Cubase elements 11

– H9k connected via USB, as the only audio interface.

– USB input 1/2 on the H9k are connected to Analog Out 1/2 on the back of the H9K in a through chain (thanks for the pointer to the Direct connection, but I want to change one thing at the time 🙂 )

– Analog Out 1/2 on the Back of the H9K are physically connected to my speaker monitors

With this setup I am able to hear sound coming out of the DAW (or any other Windows application, e.g. spotify, for that matter)

Now I am trying to use the H9K an effects unit on specific tracks and this is where I am having troubles.


What I have managed to do, in order to use the H9k as a send is as follows:

1) Create an output bus in cubase to port 3/4 on the H9K (it says Analogue 3/4 on the cubase interface but actually seems to work as USB in Emote (see below))

2) Send an instrument track in cubase to that output bus

3) In emote connect USB 3/4 as the input of the chain

4) Create an input bus in cubase to port 3/4 on the H9K

5) In emote connect USB 3/4 as the output of the chain

6) Create a new track in Cubase that listens to the input bus created at point 4

7) Now I can either activate monitoring of the track to listen to it, or record to it in Cubase

The above works, even though it feels like i am overcomplicating (?). Anyways the track i create at point 7 is the wet signal from the H9K, and i can hear it through the monitors and record it, so that’s good.


Now i’d like to try and use the H9K as an insert in cubase (like I would use a regular plugin). The problem is when I do that, i have no idea how I am supposed to setup the connections in Emote. If I use USB 1/2 as input, everything gets fed into the chain (as USB 1/2 is the main stereo out in cubase). I tried using all of the other USB inputs in Emote but none of them seem to be receiving sound from Cubase. Similarly, I have no idea how to set up the outputs in Emote. In other words, when using as Insert, i don’t know which USB channels are being fed with audio (and are going to receive audio), so i don’t know how to setup connections in Emote.

I have watched the video you sent, but that seems to be a different case, as it relates to external effects that are physically connected to the interface, not USB connections, and also results in a send-type setup not an insert.

Hope the above explanation makes sense, please let me know if you need more info