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tbskoglund wrote:

zengomi wrote:

Thank you, John. Glad to know there is a way to interconnect FX Chains. Not sure that is enough to sway me to go with Dante, as I read somewhere that it’s a feature Eventide is considering implementing. As for networking multiple computers for audio work, that’s beyond even my imagined needs. 🙂

I’ve set up my H9k with my Apollo via ADAT which allows me to have each FX Chain as a Cue send in the UA Console app. From here I can bus each Cue to the next one, which is a pretty effective way to link FX Chains. If you’re interested in this, email me at tskoglund @ eventide.com and I can send you instructions I’ve written for setting this up.

Thank you, tbskoglund. Will send you an email.