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PeteB wrote:

Thanks for your response. I have several Boogie Amps. F-50 and Studio Caliber with parallel FX loops and a Mark II B and TA-30 with series loops. I find a general struggle getting optimum levels on the Eclipse as channel volumes also control send level. Seems if I had more control over the gain in the loop it would afford flexibility not so governed by the amp volume. The Mesa article you cite suggests trying their line driver with 12 db boost might be beneficial in the FX loop so I though perhaps go a step further with the Eventide Mixing Link. Is there benefit to be gained by using the balanced output from the Link to the Eclipse?


Nice Boogie collection! I love my Mark III. 

Your Mark II B might need an additional buffer since according to that article that amp is before Boogies had buffered effects loops. But I'm not familiar enough with the differences in Mark II amps to confirm that. 

When using the parallel effects loops, what are you setting the effects send mix level at? In that situation, your channel level on the amp should be independent of the effects send level. You have the Eclipse set to 100% wet and have tried turning up the effects send mix level up significantly and are still not getting a loud enough signal?