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apalazzolo wrote:

I believe Eventide said that it can’t release any more algorithms for the H9 because its memory is full. I accept that.

However, I think it’s time for one more firmware/control-app update that solves some limitations/problems that have been known for years (and maybe a few new surprising tweaks). For example, a firmware/control-app update could:

1. Finally allow ribbon controller and hotswitch capability to all of the algorithms (or at least the H9ers). Realtime volume/output control may not be a big deal in the studio, but this is a stomper for live use and volume/output control is huge for that. Yes, I know they put out a patch job that allowed some control but it is, frankly, awful (not at all like their excellent ribbon/hotswitch control).

2. Gui update that allows preset drag and drop (copy) presets from the preset list screen to another list (shown by list name only on the left side). This would be sort of the inverse of their current drag and drop feature. This way you could make one master preset list and then create new ones by dragging presets from your master into a newly created empty list (and not have to scroll through many algos you’ve never used). It would be much more intuitive. The presets in the new list would populate in the order that you drag them. This would make it easier to create variant lists for different gigs/bands.

3. Gui update that includes an “undo” button for any function in the control app.

4.  Fix the “rename preset” feature accessible from the preset list screen. I’m a windows user and almost every time I have used that my preset gets erased … reset to zero … obliterated. As it is now, the only way to reliably rename a present id to open the preset and use the “rename preset” feature accessible from the individual preset screen. I have no idea whether this is a problem with Apple users, but it sure is with Windows 10 and Windows 7.

5. Gui that has a “notes” field for whatever text a user might want to add … notes to self/reminders/etc.

These (and maybe some other firmware/control-app changes) would significantly improve the H9 before both functionality and algorithm options are frozen for all time.


… and … Number 6: improved instructions in the “info” field in the individual preset screen.  Some of the algorithm “info” is WAY too cryptic and this has recently become very clear since there is a new round of Youtube videos directed to the new H9 plugins.  I often find myself saying, “That’s great! Why didn’t they just say that in the “info” field all those years ago.”  I shouldn’t need to consult the Rosetta Stone to know what the knobs in each algo do.