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federicogh wrote:



I have a question about the omnipressor implementation for the H9000. I am not exactly sure how the function knob in the settings on the H9000 relates to the function knob of the original unit. Can someone clarify?





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Hi Federico, 

The function knob works the same way for the Omnipressor plug-in and H9k algorithm (from 12 O'clock, clockwise is compressor/limiter mode and counterclockwise is gate/expander mode) 

Because of the gain staging used in the H9000 compared to putting a plug-in on a track in your DAW the results will vary. You can try adjusting the I/O gain settings of the Omnipressor algorithm if you're unable to get the sound you're looking for using just the parameter controls. For example, cranking up the IN gain will help you achieve more aggressive compression sounds. 

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