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Rod#S wrote:


I am curious, as a guitar player a unit with stereo inputs only is all that is really needed. I thought I remembered early on in the 9000’s life and maybe early development when it was being talked about here on the forums that eventually a stereo only version would be released. Was that something being considered at the time and would such a niche SKU potentially ever be released? I suspect it would cut down on the cost of such a unit like the 9000R offers users by not needing to pay for features a particular subset of users will never need.


What is it you’re looking for above and beyond an Eclipse or even an H9, or 2 or 3 H9s? I envision an H9000 LT to still be at least 8 or 16 channels. Many of the H9000 algos offer more than stereo outs. Just seems like a stripped down to stereo version would end up being 10% of an H9000