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Rod#S wrote:

Well I assume the audio fidelity of the 9000 is superior to the Eclipse and the 9000 would have more effect routing capabilities. Adding multiple H9’s is something I just don’t want to be doing.

Since Eventide has offered such options over the years, the H3000 D/SX was more geared toward guitarists as it stripped out many of the non guitar type presets from the D/SE, similar with the 4000 series there was the DSP 4000 and GTR4000 and for the 8000 series the 7600 was more of the stereo version I believe. So I was jus thinking it would be nice if there was a version more targeted to stereo in/out only.

I can appreciate your point. For fidelity/clarity, I know first hand in a performance situation no one will hear the difference between 16 bit, 32 bit float, 44.1 or 192 sample rates. Of course we want nice, clear lush sounding effects, but I think personally there’s a point of diminishing return in packing higher fidelity into guitar rigs. I’d argue processing is better used elsewhere, like for more complex algos, more instances and whatnot. My TC electronics G system must be 10 years old and the effects still serve me well.
Perhaps there’s room in the market and Eventide’s product line between an eclipse and an H9000. I’d personally sooner like to see an H9 on steroids, with multiple instances available, plenty of stomps and IO. Even better if like the G System we had a choice to rack the brain of it and use the stomps as midi controllers. Sign me up for one of those if I ever get another gig again.