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tbskoglund wrote:
joeydego wrote:
Can I do this USB? I’m not currently connected usb to the computer (was getting an error message and am not using any USB audio).

What is it that you are trying to do? 

The USB B connector on the H9000 is just for sending/receiving audio. You can get MIDI clock info from your computer to the H9k via WIFI or ethernet but you'd have to have tempo mode set to DAW and running Emote as a plug-in in your DAW. 

You could go MIDI out of your H9k to the axefxiii if you want to have the tempos synced.

I see, so set to DAW must use emote as a VST. Unfortunately the VST has been somewhat problematic. I did order a usb to midi cable. The fractal gets tempo information this way (usb), will the eventide get the tempo info like this as well from the computer? It will go from USB on the computer to the Eventide’s midi IN.