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John Baylies wrote:

> The fractal doesn’t send tempo info. Can I do this USB?

The USB-B input on the rear panel of the H9000 can sync to an external MIDI clock, but AFAIK it can't act as a MIDI clock source.

> I’m not currently connected usb to the computer (was getting an error message and am not using any USB audio).

The USB Sample Rate Mismatch error? That's because of the nature of the asynchronous USB that the H9000 uses. USB audio devices that use synchronous mode are a lot simpler to use; you just plug them into your computer and they pretty much “just work”. The H9000, however, uses asynchronous mode, which means it might need additional configuration for it to work correctly. It has to use this more complicated mode because it supports many different audio protocols with different possible clock sources. Toggling the H9000 USB Audio Device sample rate usually fixes this issue.

To change the the H9000 USB Audio Device sample rate:

In Windows 10, navigate to Windows Sound Settings, and then: Sound Control Panel > Recording > H9000 USB Audio Expander > Properties > Advanced.

In Mac OSX, navigate to Audio/MIDI Setup, and then: “H9000 USB Audio” Device. If you have created an aggregate device, the sample rate you need to change is still within the “H9000 USB Audio” Device, not the aggregate device.

> The USB B connector on the H9000 is just for sending/receiving audio.

The USB B connector on the H9000 can be used for MIDI as well.

> Unfortunately the VST has been somewhat problematic.

I'm sorry to hear that. I'm hopeful that some impending updates will fix those issues.

> I did order a usb to midi cable. The fractal gets tempo information this way (usb), will the eventide get the tempo info like this as well from the computer? It will go from USB on the computer to the Eventide’s midi IN.

Yes, that can work. The USB-B connector on the H9000 can recieve MIDI in as well, as long as you're alright with toggling the H9000 USB Audio Device sample rate to resolve the USB Sample Rate Mismatch error each time you reboot your rig.

Thank you. I think I’m going to go ahead with my usb to midi cable. I like keeping up emote stand alone as the VST has crashed the DAW from time to time. I really don’t want to go into my computers settings to clear the error message on the H screen all the time either, so this seems like my option. Thanks!