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zengomi wrote:
joeydego wrote:

zengomi wrote:

First attempts using Dante via Digiface Dante and Logic I/O Utility went swimmingly. Latency as reported in the I/O plugin amounted to 3.5 ms @48kHz and a tad less @96kHz. Sent 2 mono tracks to 2 inputs into a reverb algorithm (mix at 40%) and bounced that down. 

Before doing the above, I tried using ADAT. Didn’t sound so nice. Latency was atrocious.

I’ll use headphones to compare the 48 and 96 recordings. 

This is odd. My Adat latency in and out of studio one is reported never above 200 samples at 48k (Thats less than 5ms). It’s often only 30 samples on most of the algos I gravitate to. 

Are you using ADAT in send/return fashion from within Studio One? How do you determine latency in Studio One? 


When you use pipeline it pings your external hardware and gives you a number. Pipeline will sync everything up if you hit the auto button. Analog is behind around 130 samples while ADAT is typically 30 or so. That’s for one algo and some algos are a little more. When you string them together it goes up but not by double.