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It happens every time I open Cubase, no matter if I have multiple projects open or not, IF Emote is already in the project.

So for example, I have Emote instantiated on the mix bus of my Cubase template. But Emote always fails to connect when I open the template.

Emote does attempt to connect, but fails. I see the blue e symbol, with the text “Connecting”. But it doesn’t connect. I just opened up my Cubase template and tried this. I let it run for 5 minutes, but Emote did not connect.

At the risk of confusing things: Apparently if Emote is already in the project, it will connect if I open Cubase while the H9000 is off, and then start the H9000. Once the H9000 boots up I can connect the previously-instantiated Emote. I just tried this.