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joeydego wrote:

Hi there, glad you got it sorted. I too use A UAD Apollo and keep console muted, especially everything having anything to do with my Eventide, Also, mute any sends to the FX channel if you’re bussing. Ive seen some really wonky numbers that way, too. I actually made a Studio One Macro which I split up into 2 separate macros. With one macro I can populate 8 stereo FX channels with pipeline properly routed using all my ADAT and Analog IO for the session. Then I made macros giving me 4 stereo channels of each. Saves a LOT of time. As I populate an algorithm the first thing I do is ping it so I dont forget. Everything lines up perfect. This workflow took some time and really took learning pipeline and S1 better. 

Macros are a good idea!