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joeydego wrote:
John Baylies wrote:


Thanks! Seems this would be of little use to me. All the midi I need for eventide is to receive, and it’s getting tempo via midi in and controller info via usb. I can’t imagine a situation I’d need to send anything.

I just set this up with my nanoKONTROL2 and you might find it useful. This allows you to make changes on the H9k that will be reflected on the controller's LEDs. For example, map a button on the controller that bypasses an algorithm. Now when you bypass it from the H9k, the button's LED will toggle on and off.

To do this, set your H9k MIDI setting to FEEDBACK_USB. You have to change the nanoKONTROL2 settings for this to work. Download and open up the Korg Kontrol Editor app and select your nanoKONTROL2. At the very top of the controls list, you'll see 'Common'. Select it, find the LED mode setting, and change it to external. Write back to the controller, and you can now control the LEDs from the H9k.