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Agreed, and it wasn’t an easy decision. Although in my case, I have good tube amps and preamps, mostly Mesa, so I can get a really good amp tone without need for a sim. The MarkV has a built in CabClone which is akin to to a miced cab DI, so handy for late night work and a key input in my switchblade system. So ultimately, and like you, there is something in the Eventide that no one else can do, whereas simulating a MarkV is of low value to me when I … own a MarkV. Besides, I have one more tool in my studio which is connection of the H9000 to a digital mixer via ADAT and I can use AmpliTube from Mac as a guitar modeler and connect it into my rack rig. So I can model any amp as well.

But I agree that the AxeFX3 is amazing as an overall package. Which has is why I was suggesting an approach above for Eventide for people who want everything in stereo for guitar but don’t care about modeling. Maybe that’s not that many people.