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federicogh wrote:

I also have a question about the Dante expansion card. I am currently using the H9000 as my only audio interface, both for recording analog signals (guitar voice etc.), as well as for running outboard effects in Cubase. However I am quickly running out of channels with USB, i.e. I have multiple stereo tracks that I am sending to the H9000 for processing and I am finding myself bumping against the 16 channels limit. Would the 32 channels available with Dante solve that? Also what other hardware is required (I am running windows)? I am assuming a Dante PCI card or something similar on the desktop side to talk to the Dante card in the H9000?

You can do it with Dante Virtual Soundcard and the Ethernet port on your computer, but that method has added latency. I use the Focusrite Dante PCIeR card as my primary audio interface for 128 channels at low latency.