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Note that there are two different types of DIN-jack adaptors for MIDI, type A and type B. The Iridium manual does not say which one they use, so some research will be necessary.

TRS To MIDI Male Type A

Akai Pro, IK Multimedia, Korg, Line 6, littleBits, Make Noise

Pin 5-Tip (Current Sink)

Pin 4- Ring (Current Source)

Pin 2 – Sleeve (Shield)


TRS to MIDI Type B 

Arturia, Music1010, Novation

Pin 5 – Ring (Current Sink)

Pin 4 – Tip (Current Source)

Pin 2 – Sleeve (Shield)

This info came from [Updated] How to Make Your Own 3.5mm mini stereo TRS-to-MIDI 5 pin DIN cables –