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Rod#S wrote:

Great discussion

I do wish the H9’s were more capable in that you could load more effects modules together like could be done by using multiple H9’s. Given the size of the units and not wanting my pedal board to be dominated by these if using multiple units is of no interest to me personally but I do see the use case for that.

I am accustomed to the limited number of effects modules engaged at once though as I still have a H3000 D/SX in my old rack. and that Eventide sound is just not something I want to give up so I have never thought about replacing it, except for possibly another Eventide rack unit. For layering effects my old rack has a tc electronic G-Force. I do regret back in the 90’s not being able to have had the opportunity to add a Lexicon PCM-81 as I suspect that paired with the H3000 would have been epic. I also so wanted the GTR-4000 but still being a teenager it was way out of my price range. It took me ages to be able to afford the D/SX and I couldn’t splurge more to be able to get the D/SE instead. A few years later I fell out of interest with guitar playing and just recently I got the bug again. Thankfully I never sold any of my old gear.

The old Fractal FX8 or new FM3 do seem like great units. I’m an a good old physical amp individual not wanting modeling preferring my various Mesa units and cab so like mentioned above I personally have no interest in the modeling on the FM3 or AxeFXIII rackmount unit.

To the question about why the Mark V doesn’t include even the original Cab Clone I think it’s simply due to age, it may be their flagship Mark series amp but it was released what, 10, 15, years ago and Mesa doesn’t like to retrofit the older designs which is why when the Mark V 25 and 35 came out they were considered “new” designs thus had the original Cab Clone built in. I think the 35 has the full original Cab Clone features whereas the 25 is missing something possibly. And of course the new Badlands recto amp has the new Cab Clone D.I. built in so time marches on.

I too tend to chain H9 effects with dare I say more generic Fractal stuff. For instance if I want some delays on crystals, the H9 Crystals already sound awesome so a utility delay is just fine to get that job done. You are also correct about the MarkV timeline. now that I have a 2 notes captor X, its far less important of a feature for me. Honestly if I didn’t have the 2 notes and had a direct out, I’d STILL buy the 2 notes, I love it so much.