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marcusm750 wrote:

Don’t limit yourself when putting the delays in series by using a simple patch cable to make the Out1 to In2 connection.  This is a great spot for modulation, reverb or another delay!  I regularly put my ModFactor and Space in between the series delays for more tonal variety and textures.  A flanged slapback into a long ambient is pretty killer as is a dirty dotted-eighth note into an echo.  I’ve even tried my H9 (also in series) in the loop with my TimeFactor for four series delays.  Yes, it can be absolute shoegaze craziness but very fun and interesting too.

So you are saying that the cable method described above is actually the simplest form of an effects loop?  One can send output one into other pedals and return that signal into input 2.  That’s brilliant if it works!!!!!

Who has done this?  Results?