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Eventide Staff

It is not possible to access all the available presets from an algorithm directly from the pedal. You must pair your device to a mobile or desktop device in order to take advantage of the artist and factory presets for every algorithm. Then you may populate them to your liking in the 99 customizable preset slots on the pedal.

It sounds like you have Core unit, which starts out with only the H910/H949 algorithm. Others have H9 or H9 Max, which can access over 500 presets. Because the pedal only has 99 preset slots, this is the reason why you can’t access all the factory and artist presets from the pedal directly.

You can, however, access the algorithms individually by pressing the “Presets” button twice and turning the knob. You’ll surf through the available algorithms you have on the pedal, and you’ll be able to edit them to your liking. You can store your favorite settings from there.