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Thank you for your prompt reply. I can see how to use the H9 knob to scroll through algorithms, but, for what purpose? I only seem to be able to do two things: scroll through presets (and in that way choose a preset to use) or scroll through algorithms – which seems to have no purpose. I had imagined that I could scroll to a certain algorithm, then view the list of presets and choose one. But, viewing the algorithms on the pedal seems pointless, but surely can’t be?

That said, all of the presets are from the 910949 algorithm, so maybe that is why that is the one and only present family I see. Perhaps what you have is a “view presets as long list” or “view by algorithm”? That’s only a guess. The manual seems to be very lacking in this area.

I understand that the storage in my (Core) model is limited, but 99 is enough for now. Supposing I want to use presets Spacetime-F1 and Spacetime-F2 in a live environment and want to set up the pedal to have these two preset, withough depending on the H9 Control app. How would I do this?