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Eventide Staff
jas wrote:
I can see how to use the H9 knob to scroll through algorithms, but, for what purpose?

Once you access an algorithm, you are allowed to tweak the parameters using x,y,z and the knob. You may not be able to access an algorithm’s factory preset list, but at least you can still work with it directly off the front panel.

jas wrote:
… all of the presets are from the 910949 algorithm, so maybe that is why that is the one and only present family I see.

At this point, you need to use H9 Control to start populating other memory slots within your pedal with presets from the new algorithms you buy. They won’t automatically appear on the pedal. The system wouldn’t know where to put them or which ones to overwrite, if you were using a different H9; so, it’s best to leave it up to the user.

jas wrote:
I understand that the storage in my (Core) model is limited, but 99 is enough for now. Supposing I want to use presets Spacetime-F1 and Spacetime-F2 in a live environment and want to set up the pedal to have these two preset, withough depending on the H9 Control app. How would I do this?

This is easily accomplished using H9 Control, and there are various methods.
1-Choose a preset you like on H9 Control, and when it appears on the pedal, you can store the preset to an onboard preset location using the front panel of the pedal.
2-Upload the pedal’s preset list to H9 Control, and then edit that preset list with the effects you want to add. Then, download the list back to the pedal again.
3-When you’re working with a preset in H9 Control, you can use the “SAVE” tab to store the preset directly to a preset slot on the pedal or the memory of the device running H9 Control.

I think you would benefit greatly from watching these H9 tutorials: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhT2MsSeKiDw6X56B_cfGPhD4GeBd3MA4

Videos 24-27 cover preset management very well.