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Eventide Staff
Prscook wrote:
Thanks for reply. Here is what I have done so so *I paired my max to control app and verified current firmware * I then made sure the max was registered * then I synce to server and get a message its complete * I disconnect the max and pair the core and and verify it's registered and has current firmware * I then proceed to sync to server and get a quick message it's complete. But it doesn't load all the presets the max has when I check the core it's only has the original 25 presets . I was thinking that after I sync my max to the server it would store all the max presets then once I connect my core and sync to server it would put all the max presets on the core. And I thinking wrong about that ? Or am I missing a step or something

Hi, your presets on your H9 won't change after syncing with our server. So your 25 presets should stay same. We don't want users to lose their presets. You can either factory reset your H9 (powering up with the right footswitch and big black knob pressed). Or you can save your Max preset list in H9 Control, and import that list from H9 Control to your Core