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In Bank Mode, the Billboard displays the number of the current Preset – for example you might see [BANK 1:1]. This means that you’re in Bank 1 and that Preset 1 is loaded. If the Preset is Active (not Bypassed), you’ll also notice that the Left Footswitch LED is solidly lit. If Preset 2 is currently loaded and Active, the LED above the Middle Footswitch will be solidly lit.
Try alternately pressing the Left and Middle Footswitches to load the Presets in the active Bank. The Billboard displays either Preset 1 or Preset 2 from the same Bank and the associated Footswitch LED is lit RED.
To bypass the currently loaded Preset, press the Footswitch associated with the lit LED. The LED will turn OFF and the Billboard will briefly display [BYPASS] and then display the Preset # that’s in Bypass. Press the same switch again to enable the Preset. The Billboard briefly displays [ACTIVE] to indicate that the Preset is enabled.