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Eventide Staff
chriscarter wrote:

I've just got the H9000 Dante card and I'm figuring out a workflow before I install it. Our H9000 is attached to our main Internet connected network router via Ethernet (for software updates and such).  Our Mac Pro (2013, Cylinder) has two separate Ethernet sockets – one is currently attached to the same router as the H9000, the other socket is free. So my question is… if I connect the H9000 Dante card to the Mac Pro spare Ethernet socket will the H9000 Dante become part of our main network or will it function independently of it?

Hi Chris,

I have exactly this setup.  If you connect a cable between the secondary Ethernet port of the Mac and the H9000 Dante card, it will create a completely separate network independent of your main (Internet connected) network.  The Dante network will use link-local addressing (i.e. the Mac and Dante card will negotiate IP addresses in the 169.254.x.x range).

If you enable "Internet Sharing" between the primary and secondary interfaces of the Mac, then I think it will put the Dante network behind a NAT (network address translation).  It would probably still work, but I can't think of any reason you'd want to do this.  The H9000 Dante card doesn't need to connect to the Internet.

Make sure you're using the most up-to-date versions of Dante Controller and Dante Virtual Soundcard.   There was an issue with an earlier version where you couldn't run both DC and DVS on the same computer, but it's been fixed.