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jbamberg wrote:
You can certainly do that.  Strictly speaking what you want is not a router, but a switch or hub.  It’s also worth noting that the H9000 Dante card has an internal 2 port switch (in fact it has two of them, for the primary and redundant networks).  So if you had only one other piece of Dante gear, you could plug that straight into the other port on the H9000 Dante card.

Just a short followup to this thread to say how relatively straightforward it was moving over to a Dante workflow, once I had installed the card and download the Dante software – and having followed your instructions too of course. For now I’m on the DVS option and have the overall network latency down around 6-7ms. I may get a PCIe card but that’s quite a chunky investment for a few ms less latency. Anyway I’m now in the process of reconfiguring our studio (by pulling out all the ancient multicores) and expanding the Dante network to include a bunch of other FX units, interfaces, mixers, amp etc.