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zengomi wrote:

It’s good to hear the initial stage of your studio’s Dante transition went so well. Do you have any specifics to share on the next stage? Namely, how might you go about including other gear? 

Until I got the Dante expansion for the H9000 we didn’t have any Dante enabled gear, so it was a bit of a leap of faith really. But using the H9000 as a kind of hub I’ve setup a Dante star network and installed DVS on a couple of laptop workstations, one runs Logic, one runs Live. I’ve also installed some Dante AVIO adaptors – two digital I/Os connected to a couple of stereo effects units, some stereo input and output adaptors to a MOTU interface, a sub-mixer and to our main amps for monitoring. Next purchase will be a Sonifex 16 input Dante unit, to feed a bank of synth and drum machine outputs into the network. It’s early days and we haven’t done a major project yet (that will be in a couple of weeks) but the Dante Controller app makes everything so much easier to configure and reconfigure, it’s a revelation. I just wish I’d gone down this path a year ago, before our previous refit.