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zengomi wrote:

Thank you for the overall glimpse of what you’re doing. You make an intriguing case for going full-on Dante. Please continue to share updates. 

My understanding of network topology is still very limited. I can’t grasp how to use the H9000 as a hub. Which of the expansion card’s four connections are using? Is there a switch of some sort as well to accommodate the various AVIO adaptors? To what would you connect the Sonifex AVN-AI16 (assuming that’s the unit you’ll get)?

Well when I say hub what I really mean is the H9000 as a ‘processing hub’. So I can route various signals from around the network (laptops, synths, drum machines etc.) thru the H9000 and into our DAW. 

There is a physical hub, which is a Netgear 8-port Gigabit PoE switch. That’s connected to our Mac Pro secondary ethernet port, and everything Dante enabled is plugged into the Netgear. Although the way things are going I may have to upgrade it to a 16-port version pretty soon.

I have one of the H9000 primary Dante ports connected to the Netgear and the second primary port is connected to an AVIO digital I/O adaptor, which is attached to a TC Fireworx directly underneath the H9k.

Yes the Sonifex AVN-AI16 will connect to the Netgear.

I just have to figure out a method of feeding multiple signals into our surround amp (7.1). We still have a MOTU828x for that purpose but it’s looking increasingly redundant.