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zengomi wrote:

Thanks. Good to have options.

Method #2 would seem to promise lower latency. Is there any noticeable difference in latency between the two methods?

On another tangent, from a wholistic viewpoint in terms of recording, do you generally lay down individual tracks and then adjust their timing (if necessary) when mixing down? Or do you compose all or most tracks and then record them simultaneously? Does using Dante change any aspect of your fundamental approach to recording?

I’m still attempting to set all this up into a streamlined workflow and so far I haven’t gotten around to testing the latency – other than reading the Dante app settings. I haven’t perceived any noticeable difference between using either method but I’ll post anything significant on here in the coming weeks. I’m still trying to figure out if getting a Dante PCIe card (and expansion chassis) will noticeably improve the latency as it’s quite an investment.

My preferred method will be to adjust the routing inside the DAW, it’s more flexible and much easier to make complex live signal or recorded track-to-hardware-to-plugin configurations. But that may change if the latency is notably different.

As far as recording goes… we usually lay down vocals individually (to a ref mix) but keyboards (or modular) and drum machines are recorded simultaneously, sometime not – it depends on the project. But adjusting the timing post-recording has been a way of life forever. I’m hoping this will change somewhat with Dante. Time will tell.

I’ve removed all our ancient multicore trunking, which has been troublesome for years and having single Dante cables for all those extra channels – and available on both sides of the studio – is great. The fact that I can (if needed) run extra channels from the other side of the room without any additional cabling is wonderful – well assuming I have a big enough Dante interface. At the moment I’m aiming for 16 external channels on the far side (near our permanent array of modulars, synths and drum machines) and another 8 channels next to the DAW, for temporary external access to the network.