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zengomi wrote:

Managing within a DAW routing to external gear is my preference as well. Logic has been easy to use. On the other hand, Live, which is quite new to me, is outfoxing me on routing. From your experience, can you share anything on the differences between the two in this particular area? 

DAW routing can be can of worms – I guess it could be an entirely new thread.

I’ve been an occasional Live user for many years (my partner even longer and a lot of musicians we collaborate with too) but I still struggle with, what seems to me to be, rudimentary routing options. One of the features that make routing so easy in Logic is the I/O plugin, which as you know can route/mix anything to anywhere from within a channel strip – and which multiple instances of can be used in the same channel. Which I can find no equivalent to in Live, not even as a Max for Live device. All you have are basic Audio From/To and Sends. Honestly I’d love someone to correct me on this, or suggest a workaround that gives a workflow similar to Logic’s I/O feature. 

At the moment I’m setting up a workflow for project that feeds my partners MacBook running Live through DVS as six stereo tracks over Dante and into Logic for recording in realtime – and where we can use the I/O plug if needs be. It’s working well at the moment and I would even consider this for recording such a performance setup in a live situation too – when we come out of lockdown.