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Would love to bring the H9000, and other gear, into Live. I’ve attempted to use Live’s External Audio Effect. Compared with Logic’s I/O plugin, it’s clunky, as in rather primitive. You have to set up a return track to bring the external signal into the Live environment, and that return track has its own routing requirements. Somehow it must work, but I’ve yet to figure out how. Still trying.

Someone correct me if I’m off base, but Live seems to be designed from an ‘internal is best’ philosophy. It offers so much cleverness within itself. One could work happily ever after in that mono environment. I’ve a friend who is both a long time Live user and certified Live instructor, and yet he is clueless about incorporating external gear, and yet he has tons of external gear. 

Honestly, the only reason I bought Live was because I thought it might offer an easy way to connect my iMac and my modular system and other gear. Reflecting on that realization, I realize I prioritize my modular and other gear over any DAW. Hence (here’s the relevancy) purchase of an H9000!